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We are the leading supplier of
Stock Lot Papers
in India.

The goal of Annas Paper Company is to be a leading diversified trading company of job lot papers while maintaining the flexibility to meet customers needs. Tom Gera LLC Paper’s job lot or Annas Paper sales department deals worldwide in millions of various grades including kraft papers and linerboards, both natural and bleached, folding carton grades including SBS, SUS, CNB, PE coated board, colored woodfree bond and more. We also buy and sell many other items, including printing papers and “exotic” grades such as foil, poly, metallized and silicone treated papers, gift wraps, tissue, and others.
On specific request we are able to fulfil our customer need.

All Type of Recycle Papers

Annas Paper Company provides various types of custom-built solutions from its product range to cater to different applications.We are stockot paper , metalized paper suppliers in india , USA . Here you get all kind of paper quality in Recycled paper. see the complete list of our recycled paper products Read more